Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe Taiwan

Finally I get to go to the Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call me bimbo, shallow, or whatever.... I just love Hello Kitty because it's cute!

The menu is all in Chinese and the waitress barely speak English. It was a challenge to place our order. 

The staff dedicated to decorate my desserts.

The bain marie displaying various Hello Kitty cakes for take aways.

The cafe has desserts-only menu from 3pm to 6pm for tea time. They don't serve other food at this hour. And you have to order minimum NT300 per person. 

The creme brulee set that I've ordered. 

Uji matcha cake - green tea with red bean. 

And my favorite chocolate cake. 

The dessert sets came with free mango pudding each for every person. Surprisingly, the mango pudding is the best thing I've tasted in the cafe. 

The total bill came up to NT1300 which is pretty affordable. 

Overall the cafe and the food was a good experience. I would recommend friends and family to try it out if you haven't. But there are few things which I was quite disappointed with. The day before I intended to visit the cafe, my driver tried to call the cafe to place a booking for a table for me. Apparently the queue is quite long at the cafe (it's true... when I left the cafe there was a huge crowd outside). The waitress never pick up the calls. And they were quite rude when asked why no one bother to pick up the calls. When we arrived, the first waitress that greeted us was quite reluctant to serves us. I'm not sure why. 

The address is at:
No. 90號, Section 1, 
Dà'ān Road, Daan District  
Taipei City, Taiwan 106 

Tel: (02) 2711-1132 (well, don't bother to call, they never pick up the phone)