Kunefe Turkish Dessert

Kunefe is one typical Turkish dessert. But the one I had in Langkawi was not quite close to the original one. I must say, I prefer this version...

There are a lot of things going on in this plate. It is quite a complicated taste. Because it is a secret recipe, we respect that and tried to figure out our best what's made of it. 

The cake itself is made of mozzarella cheese (or possibly goat cheese), with caramel, cinnamon and saffron? And the sauce is made of creamy milk, yogurt, almond and cinnamon. I love it how the taste blend really well. 

This could only be the best dessert they have in the entire restaurant because it is also the only dessert in the menu. 

Turkish Delight, Hungry Monkey 
Lot 589, Jalan Simpang 3, 
Pantai Tengah