Make Your Own Magnum Ice Cream at Magnum Cafe

When I passed through the Magnum Cafe at Siam Centre, there was a huge crowd. You'll know the food is good when there's a long queue outside. Too bad the queue was super long, so I didn't get to get in.

So, I'm just letting you guys know that you can actually make your own Magnum ice cream here!!!!

First, you need to coat your Magnum with the Belgium chocolate. Then, choose your favorite toppings. You can choose up to 3 toppings. Then drizzle with your choice of dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate. And you're done!

Here are the toppings choices....

I wanted the brownie, pistachio nut and red velvet cake crumble!!!!

It's so unfortunate that I couldn't try it since I'm a big fan of Magnum ice cream. Well, if you go to Bangkok, remember to try it and let me know how good it is. The cafe is located at Siam Center ground floor, towards the exit to Siam Discovery.