Lynette insisted that Pinkberry's frozen yogurt is the best!! I... have no absolute idea what Pinkberry was until she told me! The first thing in my mind when she mentioned frozen yogurt was Tutti Frutti... which wasn't really that great. 

 But I have to agree with her that Pinkberry is AWESOME!!! You get to try the flavours before picking it.. The coconut seems OK too but I ordered the strawberry and mango. Maybe I'm not a fan of coconut that's why I think it's just OK.

And why do I agree that it is good? It's really, really light and flavourful. My favourite would be the strawberry. Unlike Tutti Frutti which is slightly thicker (like ice cream), Pinkberry is light, smooth and refreshing...

The frozen yogurt comes with toppings as well, with a little extra fee. Topping includes chocolates, fruits, nuts, cereal, depending on what you like. I... prefer plain yogurt. I can't remember the price of it but it's not expensive. Probably costs less than £3 for a small cup. Actually the small cup is quite huge... Ask for two flavours if you can't decide, it'll amount to the same price anyway. 

Pinkberry Selfridges
400 Oxford Street,
W1A 1AB London
United Kingdom