Greek Yogurt - King of Yogurts

Hello! So we went to Greece last month for a couple of days and we tried to make room for desserts for every meal we had. Unfortunately neither of us did research of the local desserts and the only thing that looked appealing from most menus were yogurts!!! 

What is so wonderful about Greek yogurts? It's the king of yogurts!!! Simple plain Greek yogurt is sourish - adding honey makes the entire yogurt so flavourful you can fly up to the sky really. 

It can be for breakfast, for lunch (with fruits perhaps?), dessert or even snacking time. The best thing about it is, yogurt is healthy! So yup - if you can't think of what to eat in Greece - get the yogurt and honey, it will never be wrong!!!! If you're a yogurt or honey hater then I'm so sorry for your life because either or, it is the best thing in life!!!!!!! Don't leave Greece without grabbing Greek yogurt. For real!!!