Issaya Siamese Club

SL introduced Issaya after her wonderful experience dining here. This restaurant is located at a rather quiet street of Bangkok. It was alright for us as our Uber driver got us here with no issues. Thank goodness for Google Maps!

We were seated downstairs - I requested for a corner table with better lighting but we were placed right in the middle. It did not really matter but it makes me wonder if they actually read our request? It wasn't a big deal, just stating the fact we've booked it a month ahead and yet they did not acknowledge our request. The place was not full to begin with.

Later, I've read somewhere that they have seats upstairs as well. Not sure how it looks like but it is apparently much more comfortable! I guess it all depends on individual. Never mind about the seats, food is more important.

Take a break from the "cooking show". Over to the drinks, I had just one cocktail, the Pandan Cooler (THB330). It wasn't a good cocktail - pandan juice itself is supposed to be refreshing but I felt anything but refreshing. The Ice Lemongrass Mint (THB150), well it's just a fancier ice lemon tea with a hint of lemongrass which is actually an excellent thirst quencher! I was skeptical about the cocktails so I didn't want to risk another glass so I've decided to settle with water.

Cheesecafe with Mulberry Gelee and Chocolate Mousse / Tao Thong "Ladybug" (THB280)

I've ordered their signature coconut dessert but the manager served me this as a starter to our dessert. What a pleasant surprise! The cheesecake is very light and fluffy which makes it easy to consume!

Cold Coconut Crepe Souffle / Kanom Tung Taek (THB560)

Another dish that they will prepare in front of you. I swear this is their main selling point. Food are prepped in front of you and it is a very good experience!

Cut the story short, I have no clue how it will look like as it is different depending the person who prepares it for you. I wonder if we are able to do it together too, hmm!

After decorating the first few bowls, she asked us how did we find out about it, and how much do we know about this dessert. All I know is it's a pretty dessert and it's popular. Little did I know, it has another name called broken bucket. As she was talking about the broken bucket, I got a shock of my life when the entire chocolate ball dropped in front of us with a few pieces of coconut cakes that popped out along the dry ice effect that made it so magical. No wonder they call it the broken bucket!!

Mix the coconut cake with the cream at the side and coat it with coconut milk and shavings. I'm not sure why is that called a crepe, it's too thick to be a crepe or perhaps it's just another name. This is a dessert NOT to be missed!!! 

Some marshmallows to end the night!

I booked at least a month ahead to ensure I get to dine in one of Asia's Top 50. It's not the traditional Thai food that you expect - it's modern Thai fine fusion dining. It's a good brave move and it's no wonder that they score a place in Asia's Top 50. Also, the service is impeccable. The manager deserves an award, she made sure all her guests are comfortable and I noticed that she kept going around to check if everything is OK. She made us feel very welcomed and this is a huge plus point! Thank you again for Issaya, for the wonderful experience!

I'm sharing only the dessert part. For full review, please click here.

Issaya Siamese Club Bangkok
4 Soi Sri Aksorn
Chua Ploeng Road
10120 Bangkok
Opening Hours 
Daily 11.30am - 2.30pm; 6pm - 10.30pm
Email: (very useful for overseas reservation!)
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