Flowers in the Window Cafe

I have never been to Johor in my life (except going through the check-points on the way to Singapore, so I guess that doesn't count), but this year itself, I have been to the state more than 5 times. Recently whilejalan-jalan cari makan (meaning, roaming around for food) in JB, I found this eclectic looking cafe. The peculiar name got me really curious - Flower in the Window. In a glance, one might mistaken this cafe as a plant shop. The front shop is decorated with lushest potted plants that you definitely won't miss when passing by Jalan Dhoby.

We were awed with the entire interior design of the cafe that we couldn't resist to stop by for cakes despite just had a filling lunch at Roost Cafe down the road.

The foods are highly inspired by flowers and of course, you can find some hints of flower ingredients in their cooking as well. Their specialties are the variety of breads. Do check out the bread section on the menu.

My favourite pick from the drinks menu is the rosemary, chilli & lemon. Sounds weird? The taste is . acceptable and pretty refreshing. The chilli flakes are added to tickle your buds and not spicy at all.

Half of the first floor is catered for the open kitchen. Do proceed to the second floor for more spacious seating. The environment is homey and cozy. It is a place perfect for hangout with friends.